VIDEO: Two Scale US Border Wall Using Makeshift Ladder

Border Ladder
Washington Blade video by Michael K. Lavers

Washington Blade reporter Michael Lavers was filming a section of the US-Mexico border wall on Wednesday when he inadvertently captured a group of men attaching a makeshift ladder to the wall to allow a group to attempt a illegal crossing from Mexico into the United States.

Lavers’ post explains, “A man used a makeshift ladder to scale the fence on the Mexican side less than a minute after I stopped recording. The man ran across a no man’s land and climbed over a second fence and entered the U.S. Seven other men who were with a group of coyotes were waiting their turn to jump the fence at this time.”

The group may have been attempting to cross over an old section of fencing. Newly constructed border walls have been 30 feet in height, as some have been stranded on top of the new wall when attempting to cross.