Video: MSNBC Host Blunders Again, This Time Mistaking SC Senator Tim Scott For Democrat

Chris Matthews

Just days after a catastrophic blunder on television comparing Bernie Sanders’ victory in Nevada to Nazi Germany, Chris Matthews incorrectly identified Democratic candidate Jamie Harrison as current South Carolina Tim Scott (R-SC) in a live interview Friday night. On his live show Hardball, Matthews was speaking to Harrison, a Democrat who is running for a Senate seat against South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. The host pulled up footage of the ongoing Trump rally in Charleston, SC, which showed Senator Tim Scott standing next to Senator Lindsey Graham.

Mistaking Scott for Harrison, Matthews stated, “I see you standing next to the guy you’ll beat there, maybe, maybe, maybe Lindsey Graham,” implying that Harrison, a Democrat, was in attendance at the Trump rally and showing support along with Graham. Immediately in the background, other staff repeatedly called out “Tim Scott” to correct Matthews, who took some time to acknowledge his mistake.

Tim Scott is the junior US Senator from South Carolina, who assumed office in 2013 and won reelection in 2016. Harrison was the chair of the South Carolina Democratic party and has not previously served in the US Senate.