Trump Hosts Town Hall In Biden’s Hometown Of Scranton, Pennsylvania

Trump Town Hall
Photo: Fox News

President Trump hosted the first television town hall of his 2020 campaign in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden’s hometown on Thursday night, engaging with local citizens in a casual question and answer session. The event was a contrast to Trump’s enormous rallies, which have been filled with raucous crowds and loud speeches.

Trump addressed questions about Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, healthcare, North Korea, Afghanistan, border control, the military, the environment, the economy, and political divisiveness to the Pennsylvania audience, taking care to avoid excessive inflammatory rhetoric, even telling the audience he wanted to call Biden “Sleepy Joe” but wanted to try and be more respectful. Trump stated that he attacks back whenever he gets attacked, because in politics if he did not, he would simply get overrun.

Trump won Pennsylvania in the 2016 by a very narrow margin, edging out Hillary Clinton with 48.18% of the vote, beating Clinton by less than 50,000 votes. Democratic voters are mostly concentrated around the Philadelphia area and to a lesser extent in Pittsburgh, with Republican voters spread across the remainder of the state.

The full town hall video is below.