Trump Rally Packs SNHU Arena To Capacity In New Hampshire, Thousands Watch Outside On Big Screen

President Trump addressed a crowd of more than 11,000 people on Monday at the Southern Hampshire University Arena in downtown Manchester, NH, a day before the first primary election this year being held on Tuesday in the Granite State. Trump reveled in the chaos that is rippling through the Democratic party following the technical issues in Iowa and the current infighting among the moderate candidates trying to stand out in the crowd. In his trademark style, Trump said, “Who is their weakest candidate? I think they’re all weak. They’re all fighting each other. They’re all going after each other.”

Trump also clearly took aim at Senator Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner in the Democratic race. “We are going to defeat the radical, socialist democrats. We are going to win New Hampshire in a landslide,” he stated. “Tomorrow there is a group of self-proclaimed and closeted socialists running against Donald Trump.”

Supporters lined up for more than 30 hours before the rally, camping out in a snowy parking lot in 30-degree rainy weather to get a good seat at the rally, leaving thousands outside to watch the rally on a jumbotron once the venue hit capacity.

Once inside, the crowd was greeted with signs reading “Promises Made” and “Promises Kept” and speeches from Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump, Jr. with chants coming from the raucous crowd all night.

Trump was glowing after his acquittal by the Senate in his impeachment trial last week, and took the time to take shots at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who attracted attention following the State of the Union address by tearing up her copy of the president’s speech publicly immediately after he concluded his address. The crowd chanted “Lock Her Up!” in response, seemingly energized by the topic.

New Hampshire is an important battleground for Trump, who lost the state by less than 3,000 votes to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.