Trump Impeachment Trial Escalates as Defense Team Presents Arguments

Senate Impeachment Trial, Day 6, C-SPAN

The ongoing presidential impeachment trial heated up Saturday as the defense team presented its response to three days of arguments from Democrats accusing Trump of electoral interference and abuse of power. The impeachment arguments allege Trump of electoral interference by encouraging Ukraine to investigate Biden and then directing aides to conceal evidence. The defense team responded by framing the accusations as its own form of electoral interference, by initiating “the most massive interference in an election in American history.”

Given that an actual removal of office would require a supermajority two-thirds vote in the Senate, Trump is expected to be acquitted in the trial, with many eager to conclude the trial with a vote and continue onto other matters. While the prosecution team led by Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) made its arguments throughout the week, with phones not allowed in the chamber, Democrats and Republicans alike were reported to work on crossword puzzles, play paper games, take naps, and read unrelated paperwork during the trial.

Trump seemed unconcerned about the trial, calling it a “hoax:”

Full video of the defense opening arguments is available below.