Trump Endorses Mexican Restaurant After Immigrant Owners Shamed Online For Attending Rally

Jorge and Betty Rivas
Photo: Fox News

Jorge and Betty Rivas, the owners of Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina, AZ near Tucson, suddenly gained national attention this week after President Trump endorsed their restaurant on Twitter. (The restaurant is near Tucson, not Phoenix).

Trump had brought Betty Rivas on stage during a rally in Phoenix after seeing a sign she had made, and after the event a photo of her emerged of her attending the rally which was then posted onto a public Facebook group. Members of the group shamed her online, which led to accusations of racism, negative restaurant reviews, negative business reviews, and prank calls being made to the restaurant in an attempt to affect her business.

Grupo de Palfeis
Photo: Facebook

Jorge and Betty Rivas appeared on television Sunday to defend themselves, stating that they have no intention of hiding their support for Trump and that they will exercise their right to express their opinion.