Total Chaos At South Carolina Democratic Debates As Candidates Pile Onto Bernie Sanders

South Carolina Democratic Debate
Source: CBS News

The 10th US Democratic debate for the 2020 presidential nomination was full of intense moments on Tuesday night, with candidates talking over each other, ignoring moderators, and piling criticism on frontrunner Bernie Sanders as pressure increases for the remaining hopefuls to pull ahead of the pack with Super Tuesday not far away. CBS News moderators had difficulty controlling the flow of the debate, with candidates yelling at each other, talking over each other, and ignoring time cutoffs to get their share of airtime on television. Many compared the debate to a talk show, and harshly criticized the moderators to get control of the event.

As expected, all candidates came prepared with their attacks on Bernie Sanders, the current frontrunner for the nomination, criticizing his policies as impossible, expensive fantasies and characterizing the Vermont senator as too extreme and too divisive. Michael Bloomberg referenced reports that Russian media trolls had been promoting Sanders’ campaign as a sign of an unsuitable candidate for the presidency. Elizabeth Warren laid into Bloomberg as a predatory elitist trying to buy the election. Joe Biden in particular made an attempt to assert himself, taking as much time as he pleased to speak and stepping up his rhetoric as the most qualified candidate for the race. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar hammered on Sanders as too extreme and too divisive to be president.

With just a week away until Super Tuesday next March 3rd, all candidates have been looking to gain ground against Sanders, who currently has a commanding lead in votes and the polls.