The Franklin Digest

The Franklin Digest is a digital publication that provides reporting, information, entertainment, and insight to its readers in a format that takes advantage of modern technology features to produce rich and dynamic content. We take seriously our commitment to our values and any communications from our readers and subscribers. Although we cannot guarantee a response due to the volume of communications we receive, we can assure you that all correspondence will be read by one of our staff. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to report content that has factual errors, if you believe something is inconsistent with our values, or if you have a topic or information that you think would be engaging for our readers.


It is our mission to produce content that supports the advancement of the human condition through education, information, economic development, sustainability, technology, and self-improvement.

Our Values

We publish and enforce our values to promote a culture of transparency and accountability. This ensures that we are able to maintain our standards and commitment to our readers to produce content that is engaging, relevant, educational, and interesting without compromising any of our fundamental principles.


It is unacceptable to publish content that is known to be false, that misrepresents facts and figures, or that fabricates or omits evidence that could materially affect the nature of the content. All sources must be verified and, where possible, on the record with a written transcript or recording. Anonymous sources can be considered only if the information provided can be verified or supported with other evidence. Theories about conspiracies, whether governmental, corporate, criminal or otherwise must be reported as theories until sufficient evidence can be produced that proves otherwise.


Is it our responsibility to our readers to publish content that is fair and impartial, that is not published for any political, financial, or personal agenda that is inconsistent with our values. All facts and figures must be from reliable sources that can be verified independently. Every effort must be taken to ensure the diversity of our sources and data, and such information should be included to ensure that the reader has a well-rounded perspective regarding the topic. If any staff responsible for producing, publishing, or creating our content have, or could be perceived to have a political, financial, or personal interest or potential gain from that content, it must be disclosed. If the potential conflict is significant, such staff member must recuse themselves from any involvement regarding creation, editing, or publishing of that content.


Our content must be free from external influence and produced with the interest of the reader and the general population in mind. Opinion, commentary, and suggestions are acceptable only if it is disclosed to the reader that they are as such, along with facts meant to educate the reader regarding the topic. We will aggressively reject any requests, demands, or threats to create, remove, or modify any of our content for political, financial, or personal consideration, and if it is within our legal rights in that particular jurisdiction, we will defend our independence and publish the demand to the public. Direct sponsorship agreements must be conducted as arms length transactions and be free from any conditions that would conflict with our values and must not influence the creation, deletion, or modification of any of our content.


All our content must be rooted in facts and evidence, and where appropriate, sources should be disclosed for the benefit and verification by any reader. All challenges or criticisms of the content must be considered, and any corrections or factual errors must be disclosed in revision history.