The Establishment Strikes Back, Biden Wins Michigan

Obama Biden Clinton
Photo: White House

Joe Biden continued his impressive comback on Tuesday, racking up a key win in Michigan in a nomination race that is now essentially a two way contest between the former vice president and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders had beaten Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Michigan primary, but this year Biden handily defeated Sanders in the Wolverine State, increasing his delegate lead and steadily marching onto the eventual presidential nomination. It has been extremely rare for a candidate that did not place first or second in the Iowa caucuses to go on to win the nomination, but this year’s debacle in Iowa and Biden’s strong performance in South Carolina may have set the stage for his comeback.

Both candidates plan to debate on Sunday, albeit without a live audience, as concerns of spreading of coronavirus has caused many public appearances and rallies to be canceled. Biden campaigned in Michigan riding on claims that he helped to save the auto industry along with President Obama in 2008. The reality is much more complex, as the emergency bailout was actually approved by George W. Bush, and the bailout carried over into the Obama administration, which expanded the funds available to the industry. Now, reports are emerging that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was involved in a fund that received $130 million in funds from the federal government’s TALF program, a distressed debt program linked to the auto bailout for which Joe Biden is claiming credit.