Submissions And Guest Posts

Photo: Bruce Guenter

The Franklin Digest accepts completed submissions for consideration for publication as well as guest posts. Submissions should be at least 500 words and contain publicly accessible links to all evidence and references. Microsoft Word, PDF, Apple Pages, and HTML documents are accepted, and first time authors should provide a short bio and optionally headshot, Gravatar, and website link. Writing must be consistent with our values and conform to our publishing standards as follows:

  • Integrity: It is unacceptable to publish content that is known to be false, that misrepresents facts and figures, or that fabricates or omits evidence that could materially affect the nature of the content.
  • Objectivity: Submissions must be fair and impartial, and not published for any political, financial, or personal agenda that is inconsistent with our values.
  • Independent: Submissions must be free from external influence and produced with the interest of the reader and the general population in mind.
  • Transparent: All sources must be verified and, where possible, on the record with a written transcript or recording.

We verify all submissions and sources for factual accuracy and journalistic integrity. Links are set to “follow” by default, but if the source is questionable or excessively inflammatory or controversial, we reserve the right to set specific links to “nofollow” based on the nature of the content.

Submissions should be emailed to the editor at [email protected]