Sanders Edges Buttigieg In New Hampshire, Trump Dominates GOP Primary

Bernie Sanders by Gage Skidmore

In a close and chaotic race, Bernie Sanders has declared victory in the New Hampshire primaries, narrowly edging out Pete Buttigieg by a slim margin. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren came in third and fourth respectively, with Joe Biden coming in fifth. Andrew Yang announced that he was withdrawing from the race earlier today.

The New Hampshire Democratic race has been a messy battle, with a field of moderate candidates all struggling to stand out from one another, while Sanders roamed free to rally support in the Granite State. The biggest casualty was Biden, who lost the majority of his support to Klobuchar and Buttigieg following a disappointing performance in Iowa and a reported verbal gaffe insulting a student attending one of his campaign events. Sanders, hailing from neighboring state Vermont, rallied supporters across New Hampshire while maintaining the message that he could defeat President Trump in a general election despite his more liberal policies.

As expected, Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary election by a landslide, collecting more than 85% of the party vote with 85% of precincts reporting. Trump’s vote share approaches the historical record for an incumbent president, with the last high being 86.43% set by Ronald Reagan in 1984. Bill Weld collected approximately 9% of the vote.

Naturally, President Trump took a moment to savor his victory, and also try and throw some chaos into Democratic party ranks and left-leaning media outlets.

Biden left the state for South Carolina before the primaries closed today, already expecting a weak showing based on recent polling averages. Reports indicate that he is going to campaign heavily in South Carolina to rally support for his campaign, which has struggled in Iowa and New Hampshire.