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Privacy by Metro Centric

The privacy of our readers and subscribers is important to us. This Privacy Policy describes how The Franklin Digest and its affiliates or subsidiaries collect, use, and disclose information provided when users interact with The Franklin Digest’s owned and operated websites, mobile applications, email newsletters, online subscriptions, and other product offerings (collectively, the “Services”). This Privacy Policy also applies to any offline data collection, such as contact information provided over the telephone or information provided for product discounts.

Individuals from different countries or jurisdictions may have different rights with respect to their personal information. We may limit our response to any request to exercise your rights based on applicable law.

Information Collected

Through our Services, you can read our articles, view our videos, sign up for our email newsletter, order products, and engage in other activities such as voting in polls, entering contests, requesting coupons, or participate in online communities to express opinions. Some of the information collected is required in order for you to use our Services. There is no obligation to provide such information to us, but as a result you may not be able to consume certain Services. If any information is required to obtain access to certain Services, the form provided will indicate which fields are required.

When you interact with our Services, we, our partners, affiliates, advertisers, and advertising networks automatically collect information, such as your interaction with our web pages and our social media sites. As part of collection, we utilize cookies and other tracking techniques to obtain this information. We obtain information from various third-party sources, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Third party, commercial data providers that provide demographic information to supplement the information we collect;
  • Social networks that may grant us access to information when you utilize our Services;
  • Sponsors, partners, or affiliates that may offer co-marketed or co-branded products and services, or engage in marketing activities;
  • Public records or other information available in the public domain.

When you engage in certain transactions with us or utilize certain Services, we collect personal information in order to deliver these Services. When such information is requested or required, the form provided will indicate the information that is being requested, and if it is required. Such information includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Personal identifiers such as name, email address, postal address, and phone number;
  • Demographic information such as age, gender, and household income;
  • Social media accounts, when interacting with our Services or registering with our Services using those accounts;
  • A unique user identifier (a “User ID”), generated when you use certain Services;
  • Via a payment service provider, a credit card number, used to complete a transaction for certain Services, along with an option to save such number as part of your account with the service provider;
  • Via third-party data providers, information regarding the device and network used to access our services, such as your IP address, device ID, and web browser;
  • Historical information of your transactions with us, such as purchases;
  • Browsing history when using our Services, such as how often you visit our site, and which topics are most interesting to you;
  • Audio, electronic, visual, and other information, such as recording of incoming calls (of which you will be notified), or your photograph at hosted events (of which you will be notified prior to attendance);
  • Professional or employment-related information, when you voluntarily provide it in order to access certain Services;
  • Education information, when you voluntarily provide it in order to access certain Services;
  • Geolocation data, based on your IP address to determine your general location to provide certain Services, and with your consent, more precise location can be provided from your device in order for us to provide you with more detailed Services;
  • Derivative works, from which combinations of the data provided above, or combinations of data can generate a historical profile used to optimize certain Services.

Information Use

The information collected may be used for various purposes, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Service delivery: certain Services require data collected from you in order to deliver the services, for example, in order to send you an email newsletter, we would require your email address.
  • Authenticating or authorizing access: certain Services require registration or identification in order to utilize them.
  • Maintenance and support: to provide you with support or to perform maintenance on our Services.
  • Participation: to provide you with access to certain offers and events.
  • Communication: to communicate with you regarding inquiries, service-related announcements, or notifications.
  • Improvements: to improve our Services.
  • Recommendations: to provide you with products, programs, and other Services that may be of interest to you, and to determine content and advertising which may be relevant to you.
  • Investigation: to investigate unauthorized use or abuse of our Services, to investigate instance of fraud or other criminal activity, to protect our rights, staff, and property, or to comply with a court order under applicable law.


Your information may be disclosed when interacting with our Services, included, but not limited to the following:

  • If you choose to submit content, tips, sources, correspondence, or opinion, with your consent, we may publish your name, username, screen name, and other information provided to us. Such content becomes the property of The Franklin Digest and would not entitle you to any financial, political, or personal consideration.
  • Information may be transmitted to affiliates and partners in order to fulfill contractual obligations. We periodically review the privacy policies of our affiliates and partners to ensure compliance with our values, and with applicable law.
  • Information may be disclosed automatically to our service providers in order to provide us with necessary tools for us to deliver Services to you, including, but not limited to the following:
    • Subscription management
    • Billing and collection
    • Auditing, compliance, and accounting
    • Professional consultants, such as legal services
    • Advertising, marketing, and analytics services
    • Security and intrusion detection services
    • Technology vendors
  • Advertising Technology companies may assist us with marketing our Services, and we may disclose information to them, such as to remarket or retarget you on other websites or applications, and may employ cookies to utilize their services.
  • In the event we are sold or enter a merger agreement, the information may be transferred or otherwise disseminated by parties involved. While we will disclose entering into such a transaction, we cannot guarantee that other entities will maintain this Privacy Policy following the completion of a transaction.
  • When required by law, for example a court order or subpoena, we will disclose such information in response to a law enforcement agency’s request.

Third Party Properties

Our services may provide hyperlinks to other websites, applications, or social media accounts. Providing such links is not an endorsement of the website, its products, applications, or any services involved, and is provided for informational purposes. Any data or links to data provided also does not imply an endorsement of the data, it sources, or its authors, and its use is for informational purposes. These websites, applications, products, and accounts may have their own privacy policies and by under control by a third party over which we have no authority or control, and as a result we have no responsibility or liability. We recommend that you read carefully the policy of any website, application, or product you consume to understand how your personal information is collected, used, and disclosed.

Certain services require us to verify your identity for security purposes. We may ask you to provide information using personal identifiers so that we can match that information against information provided previously, such as your email or telephone number. If we receive a request from an authorized agent, we must verify the identity of the agent, your identity, and proof that you authorized the agent in writing to make the request.


Although we cannot guarantee unauthorized disclosure or breaches of information, we employ reasonable administrative and technical safeguards to ensure your data is kept secure and is only used for the purposes in this document. We will retain your information as long as is necessary to provide you with Services that you have requested. If you delete your account with us, we will retain the data as long as is legitimately necessary, and then permanently delete it.

Opt-Out Choices

We provide mechanisms to opt-out of specific Services in order to grant you control over what data is collected and used.

  • Email communications: if you wish to unsubscribe from email communications from us, utilize the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.
  • If you wish to opt out of use of your data for marketing purposes, please use our Privacy Settings page.
  • You can control the use of cookies and other tracking mechanisms using our Privacy Settings page, however, some of our Services may not work or be available if cookies are blocked.

We do not respond to “Do Not Track” functionality, if that is provided by your device or browser, because we have no means or verifying whether or not all of our service providers and partners have complied with the functionality.

In compliance with applicable law, individuals have the right to opt out of the disclosure of personal information to third parties, and to have the right to request access to personal information we collected about you and the source of that information, and the third parties and service providers with whom we share it. You also have the right to request that we do not sell your information to third parties as defined in laws such as the California Consumer Privacy act. Please visit our Privacy Settings page in order to specify your request.


This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes. The revised policy will be posted with the last date of modification, and will notify users as required by applicable law. We encourage you to read the complete policy whenever changes have been posted.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or our data practices, please write to us at [email protected]