MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Now The Target of #MeToo Movement

Chris Matthews Interviews Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews is not having a good week. Less than 6 days after an embarrassing gaffe on national television where the Hardball host compared Bernie Sanders’ victory in Nevada to the Nazi Germany invasion of France, Matthews on Friday misidentified US Senate hopeful Jamie Harrison as South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) live on television. Scott was surrounded by Trump supporters in campaign gear and was in attendance at the rally along with fellow senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), stunning MBNBC staff and Harrison during the confusion that implied that Harrison, a Democrat, was standing next to his opposition while attending a Republican event supporting President Trump.

To make matters worse, journalist Laura Bassett published a story on GQ this week characterizing a history of biased behavior against women by Matthews, referencing a story she had written three years ago while working at the Huffington Post. At the time, she did not identify Matthews by name, because his behavior toward her was not outright criminal misconduct. However, the point of the article was that because his behavior was inappropriately flirtatious in the workplace, it made her uncomfortable and had a negative effect on her state of mind as a journalist. Bassett wrote the GQ story naming Matthews and updated her story from three years ago out of indignation following an interview Matthews conducted with Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren stating that the host repeatedly attempted to discredit Warren’s statements of gender bias and pregnancy discrimination in the workplace out of personal misogyny.

At the time of publication, MSNBC has not responded to comment on the GQ story or any of the incidents.