Klobuchar Drops Out of Race, Endorses Biden Along With Buttigieg

Photo: Gage Skidmore

In a field of Democratic candidates that is rapidly narrowing ahead of the Super Tuesday primary elections, Amy Klobuchar today announced that she would be dropping out of the nomination race. Both Klobuchar and Buttigieg intend to endorse Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency at a campaign rally being held in Texas on Monday evening.

The move indicates a consensus among moderate party leadership that is concerned about the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the current frontrunner of the race. Following a victory in South Carolina, numerous Democratic leaders publicly announced their support for Biden, including former Senator Harry Reid and former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice.

Sanders has maintained that he is more than able to defeat Trump in a general election, pointing to the strength of his performances in early states as an indicator of broad voter support despite his more liberal policy platform. Klobuchar has struggled to gain broad support as a more moderate Democrat in a field that was crowded with multiple candidates that shared similar political views.

In addition, Klobuchar was dogged by stories of her past position as a prosecutor in Minnesota, after the Associated Press released a story revealing the details of a case that her office vigorously prosecuted and she repeatedly used in campaigning as an example of her tough position on crime. Myon Burrell, a minor at the time, was convicted on a life sentence for the shooting death of Tyesha Edwards, a young girl in Minneapolis, based primarily on testimony from a rival gang member, and despite an alibi that was confirmed by two others. Klobuchar has called for an investigation into the facts and distanced herself from a Burrell’s retrial.