Iowa Caucus Results Not Released Due to Technical Disaster, Sanders Supporters Declare Conspiracy

Results from the Iowa Democratic Caucus have still not been released, with reports of “inconsistencies” in the data reported to party officials. A new mobile phone app that had been deployed to report results had failed, and the backup phone hotline was unable to handle the overflow, throwing into chaos a process that was already the focus on intense scrutiny. There already were concerns about the new app that were raised last week, when a series of complaints came into the party office. Precinct leaders who then tried to call the phone hotline found themselves on hold for more than an hour while waiting to report results.

Secrecy around the app as well as last minute changes by the DNC have raised concerns of voter fraud risks and technical security around the process. One of the hottest discussion topics across Iowa was deciding which candidate had the most electoral viability facing off against Trump in the presidential election. One of the most controversial of those candidates is Bernie Sanders, with many party officials considering his platform too extreme to directly compete against Trump. Sanders carries a very vocal and very motivated support group that is already suspicious of the party conspiring against their candidate with the rule changes.

For some of the more avid supporter of Sanders, following a frustrating experience during the complicated caucus process, their suspicions have now turned into accusations of conspiracy. The most severe theories allege that the results have been withheld for “technical reasons” because party officials are unhappy that Sanders dominated the field, insinuating voter fraud. Party officials have assured its members that there will be a paper trail for all vote counting and reporting on caucus night and onsite verification by party officials and candidate staff.

Driven by frustration, Sanders’ campaign released its internal metrics to the public, which had Sanders as the clear winner and Biden a distant fourth.

The Iowa state Democratic party announced that it expects to release results Tuesday morning after inspecting the vote for “quality control” issues.