Footage Leaked of Bloomberg Justifying Stop and Frisk Of Minorities, Trump Attacks And Redacts

Michael Bloomberg speaks at the Aspen Institute in 2015

Atlanta-based podcaster Benjamin Dixon posted leaked audio of a speech given by Michael Bloomberg at an Aspen Institute event in 2015 where the former New York mayor justified his controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy that targeted minority neighborhoods in the city. “Ninety-five percent of murders, murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops,” Bloomberg said. “They are male, minorities, sixteen to twenty-five.” Bloomberg had the video blocked.

President Trump almost immediately went to Twitter to blast Bloomberg, calling him a “total racist,” and then minutes later deleting the post.

Most likely Trump deleted the tweet after remembering that in 2016 the then-presidential candidate had defended stop-and-frisk, stating that “in New York City it was so incredible, the way it worked.” Nina Turner, Bernie Sanders’ national campaign co-chair, called on Bloomberg to drop out of the presidential race in an interview with Axios in New Hampshire. Turner later clarified that her statement was not the official position of the Sanders’ campaign, but as a personal opinion as a woman of color.

The stop-and-frisk policy instituted by Bloomberg in New York City was targeted at reducing crime rates in the city, but so far no evidence has emerged proving that it was effective, and that it instead disproportionately targeted minority communities, violating their privacy rights. The policy was overturned in court and Bloomberg has since apologized for the policy before entering into the presidential race in 2019.