Elizabeth Warren Ends Campaign, Declines To Make Endorsement

Elizabeth Warren
Photo: Gage Skidmore

In an emotional announcement made from her home state of Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren ended her presidential campaign, effectively leaving the Democratic presidential nomination to a contest between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. After a poor showing in the Super Tuesday primaries, Warren met with campaign officials before making the announcement.

Warren’s more liberal policy positions distinguished her from other more moderate Democrats, but were not as liberal as Bernie Sanders, who commanded a strong hold over that spectrum of voters. She was also dogged with past claims to have Native American ancestry, which were exacerbated during the race with a document showing that she had registered as Native American with the state bar of Texas, and a letter signed by more than 200 members of federally recognized tribes calling on her to retract any heritage claims. Trump famously mocked her claim by labeling her “Pocahontas” during his public appearances.

Warren has so far declined to endorse either Biden or Sanders, although there has been some speculation that she would tend to align herself with Sanders due to closer views on policy. However, that move could be damaging to her political future if Sanders loses the nomination, and Biden goes on to win the presidency.