Democratic Candidates Go After Buttigieg and Sanders at NH Democratic Debate

Democratic Debate Feb. 7 Courtesy: ABC News

Coming off strong showings in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders have both leveraged their results in New Hampshire, pitching voters in the state that they are the best choice for the party nomination. The other presidential candidates took aim at the two frontrunners at the Democratic debates on ABC on Friday, labeling Sanders as an un-electable socialist who could not defeat Trump, and Buttigieg as a Washington rookie that only has local government experience.

Joe Biden acknowledged his poor showing in Iowa directly, stating that the race was still early and that he intends to move forward for the betterment of the country. He also maintained his position of being the candidate with the best chance of defeating Trump, given his experience as part of the Obama administration and his ability to be effective in Washington.

The candidates debated the issues of gun control, universal Medicare, the impeachment trial, opiods, and climate change, with Buttigieg and Sanders winning the bulk of speaking time during the debate. For some candidates, the race in New Hampshire is a last stand to gain support, a chance to demonstrate their ability to garner support ahead of multiple upcoming primary elections. The debate was fairly civil, with candidates addressing the issues and speaking to how their policy approach and their experience makes them the best candidate for election. Universally, the focus seems to be on defeating Trump in the upcoming election.