Busy Week! Pompeo on Damage Control, Super Bowl Political Ads, Bernie and Biden Showdown, Trump State of the Union, Senate Impeachment Vote

An Eventful Week to Kickoff February 2020

Following the vote today to not call witnesses to the Senate impeachment trial, the attention turned to scheduling the vote to convict or acquit Trump, which was a difficult endeavor on its own. With many members of the Senate committed to events back in their home states, the Senate moved to recess until next week to vote to convict or acquit President Trump. On Sunday, during one of the most closely matched Super Bowls in recent history, Michael Bloomberg has already spent more than $10 million to run political ads attacking Trump during the telecast.

One day after on Monday, the impeachment trial will resume on the same day that the Democratic Iowa caucuses begin, where a neck-and-neck race has emerged between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. President Trump is scheduled to deliver the State of the Union address on Tuesday, so the impeachment vote is scheduled to occur the day after on Wednesday.

Trump must now deliver his State of the Union with the cloud of impeachment hanging over his head, although the expectation is that he will easily be acquitted by the Republican-led Senate, and his staff have indicated that Trump does not intend to mention impeachment at all in his address. The address also comes as the DNC in Iowa determines who will be his opponent in the upcoming presidential election.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on a damage control mission. Despite recent clashes with NPR that stirred up controversy in the US, Pompeo was met with relative calm in the Ukraine, which has been irritated over impeachment allegations that they were involved in American election rigging, and angry that the White House granted two visits to the Russian foreign minister last December. Pompeo reiterated US support for the Ukraine, on whom falls the unenviable task of supporting the country while not provoking all out war with Russia.

All of these events, combined with the UK’s contentious exit today from the European Union, and this week looks to be an eventful one indeed.