Bloomberg Drops Out Of Race, Endorses Biden

Photo: Gage Skidmore

Less than a week after telling NBC News that he would run for the presidency “until the bitter end,” Michael Bloomberg has exited the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, endorsing Joe Biden with his announcement. After a disappointing performance on Super Tuesday where Bloomberg only won the US territory of American Samoa, the move marks the end of a campaign that dug up the former New York mayor’s history and raised suspicions after spending enormous amounts of money on advertising to raise his national profile.

Bloomberg has vowed to continue spending money to defeat Donald Trump in the general election. His campaign took out expensive ad slots in the Super Bowl to attack Trump, to which the president replied with taunts and criticisms on social media.

With Bloomberg’s withdrawal from the race, the contest appears now to be between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard have not yet made any announcements to suspend their campaigns at the time of publication, but following disappointing Super Tuesday results, both campaigns are reassessing their options. Some ardent supporters of Sanders have blamed Warren for taking votes away from Sanders in the primary election.